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16 Jan

I know that some people have very different views about what goulash is to them.  Some go the Hungarian route, some go with just ground beef and a tomato based sauce over elbow noodles. No matter what kind you make, or what you call goulash, it’s a complete comfort food.  It brings you back to when you were a child, and things were simple, before bills, kids, pets, boyfriends :-P, girlfriends and being responsible for everything in your life.

My version of goulash is my Mom’s, which is based off of my Father’s mom’s goulash. It’s creamy, and meaty, and when served over delicious, buttery egg noodles, it’s familiar.


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11 Nov

Since my boyfriend has been working so hard, and made my birthday weekend such a success, especially with everything he had done for me, I wanted to do something special for him for dinner.  One of his favorite dinners is lasagna, although if he had his way, he’d be eating his mother’s lasagna each and everyday (I can attest to just how delicious it is)

Most people think that lasagna is a day long affair, but I promise, it’s not as scary as it sounds! With some shortcuts, and some planning ahead, you can have a fantastic dinner in no time 🙂


This is all I use for my lasagna

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